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Joan Bradley
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Joan Bradley
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Born in Manchester one of ten children I grew up in Beswick where I used to spend my time drawing in chalk on the flagstones. I had my 1st holiday when I was sixteen visiting my husbands family in Dorset where I started to paint the landscape. I finally made it to Art College at the age of 29 and graduated in 1980. I then went travelling and lived in Hong Kong where I painted the crowded streets, markets and people and held three very successful exhibitions. On returning to Manchester I began teaching for Manchester Adult Education Services and also became a member of the Stockport Art Guild and have been involved with the running of the Guild over the last 20 years as secretary and Chairman. In 2000 I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I would say that I paint what I see and love to paint from life, my preferred medium when painting outside is pen, ink and watercolour and I prefer to mix on the paper rather than on the palette to create clean mixes of colour. I draw in pen rather than pencil and use a continuous line contour drawing technique, if I draw the 'wrong' mark I simply ingnore it and draw another, and if my drawing looks like a battlefield, so much the better.

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