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I have Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints (Ltd to 100), available of archival quality, mounted, cellophaned ready to send out. Please enquire for details.

While browsing the net, I was stirred by black and white photographs taken by USA photographer and classical guitarist Carl Volk.
I enquired via his website, to ask if I could paint one particular photographic study with the view of profiting from its sale, to alleviate any copyright issues.
I had reply from Carl�s sister, Claire, who was so touched that his work had inspired me, that she kindly granted permission for me paint this study of Debbie, saying �it would keep Carl�s memory alive.� 
I learned from Claire that Carl was born on April 8th 1953, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but sadly passed away suddenly in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 5th 2000.
Debbie was the love of Carl�s life, but she sadly lost her battle for life four years after he did. 
As a thankyou, I painted Claire a second version of �Debbie�, which is hung in her home in Texas.
Claire and I met in 2002 on her visit to the UK. She gave me a wonderful thick book on American artists. It was amazing to meet her and experience how this friendship has grown since that initial enquiry. Claire gave me another photo to work from, which I have called �Debbie [2]�.

Debbie is an acrylic painting on Loxley Boxed Canvas.

The dry-brush technique I used enabled me to produce an array of underlying colours which gives Debbie an airbrush quality. 

Copyright reminder:
Please respect copyright laws.
Any unauthorised reproduction or use of my paintings/images for profit or otherwise, is strictly prohibited, or legal action will be taken.   Painted in celebration of strong women.
Bespoke frame.
Fine Art prints available. Do enquire.   61 x 61cm on board.   Unframed 61x61cm on board, wax-finished © Lots of layers.   A complex painting using only 2 colours. Many layers, Unframed, 61x61cm   48   

Fine Art prints available. Do enquire.   Size A1.
Fine Art prints available to order.

SEXY STORMTROOPER work in progress on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vfk69uIPo8&feature=youtu.be
  QUIRKY GREEN BIRD © Unframed size 122 x 81cm, lots of layering, on textured board, wax-finished. #design #interiordesign ‬#StatementPiece   39   TWEET-TWEET ! © Very large quirky #bird painting on board. Wax finished. Unframed 122 x 81cm.   I work successfully to commission so do enquire if you're interested in something special.

See this painting in progress by clicking the youtube link here.

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